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Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

It’s mid January and many of you set New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the coming year. How many have already given up or failed on at least one of your goals? There are several factors that cause bright people to fail at goal setting and ultimately follow through with their goals, even though they… Read More »

Pro Hiring Tip: Use Structured Interviews

Interviews are part of the evaluation process and provide you with an opportunity to further assess the candidates qualifications and fit, but interviewing brings its own set of challenges and bias. Therefore, to get he most out your interviews, and properly assess fit, use a structured interview. So what is a structured interview? “Structured Interviews… Read More »

Pro Hiring Tip: Create Key Accountabilities

All organizations want to hire the best people, and they strive to do so, but most focus on the wrong thing!  Most focus their efforts on “getting the job” vs “doing the job.”  If you read most job descriptions or postings, you’ll notice they ALL read the same. They start with a glowing advertisement of… Read More »

Pro Hiring Tips: Improve Your Pre-Hire Setup

Hiring the right-fit person for any role is difficult and many organizations make it even more difficult by not treating hiring as a systematic business process. See if this resonates: Exec; We have an opening in Duluth, can you put together a job ad and post it? Asst.: “Sure.” “Now where did I file that… Read More »

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