You’re NOT The Person I Hired!

Over coffee the other morning, a potential client and business owner was lamenting over his disappointment in an employee’s performance. This wasn’t just any employee, it was a recent hire who had been on board less than 90 days. Putting my consultant hat on I simply asked, why the individual was hired? What did you… Read More »

Interview Fatigue

How many interviews is too many before presenting an offer to a qualified candidate? One recent candidate I spoke with received an offer after 8 interviews; seven one-on-one interviews, an industry exam, construction of a business plan, complete with Powerpoint, and a panel interview thrown in for good measure. And, all of this while she… Read More »

Training Sales Managers – The Smart Spend!

For more than a century, sales training has focused predominantly on improving the skills of frontline sellers. And this makes intuitive sense – if you want to sell more stuff, then train the people who sell it. The logic is practically unassailable.   Assailing that logic is Neil Rackham, a well-regarded thought leader and author of… Read More »

Is Conventional Wisdom About Sales Coaching Wrong?

If I asked you if you coach your sellers, what would be your response? If you are like most sales managers, you would respond with a resounding, “Yes, of course!” But are you really coaching your sellers? When we ask sales managers to describe the kind of sales coaching they provide, almost every manager’s answer… Read More »

C’mon Man!

Can you believe it’s almost football season? The pre-season is underway and many of us are still staring at high triple digit temps, but I digress! Two of my favorite programs during football season are ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown and ESPN’s Primetime. If you’re a football junkie you can get all the analysis and predictions… Read More »

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