Pro Hiring Tip: Use Assessments

You want to hire the best possible candidate for your open position and you’ve written a compelling job post, asked for referrals, and even engaged a recruiter, but you’re just not sure the candidate, in front of you, is who they represent themselves to be! If you Google, ‘How to ace an interview,’ you’ll get… Read More »

Pro Hiring Tip: Create Key Accountabilities

All organizations want to hire the best people, and they strive to do so, but most focus on the wrong thing!  Most focus their efforts on “getting the job” vs “doing the job.”  If you read most job descriptions or postings, you’ll notice they ALL read the same. They start with a glowing advertisement of… Read More »

Pro Hiring Tips: Improve Your Pre-Hire Setup

Hiring the right-fit person for any role is difficult and many organizations make it even more difficult by not treating hiring as a systematic business process. See if this resonates: Exec; We have an opening in Duluth, can you put together a job ad and post it? Asst.: “Sure.” “Now where did I file that… Read More »

HIRING: It’s Never Been Easy!

We all know that putting a strong team of people together helps our organizations thrive and grow and is paramount to achieving growth goals. I stumbled upon an interesting HBR article (Hiring Without Firing) written by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz published in the Harvard Business Review. Claudio is a top global expert on leadership and talent and… Read More »

You’re NOT The Person I Hired!

Over coffee the other morning, a potential client and business owner was lamenting over his disappointment in an employee’s performance. This wasn’t just any employee, it was a recent hire who had been on board less than 90 days. Putting my consultant hat on I simply asked, why the individual was hired? What did you… Read More »

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