About Kellen James

Kellen James is an Advisory, Diagnostics and Executive Search firm dedicated to improving performance in selection, retention, sales manager development and organizational growth. Dedicated to improving performance, we create an environment for success by focusing on the people and processes that ultimately drive performance. Our solutions are designed to help our clients:

HIRE MORE ACCURATELY: Utilizing a portfolio of behavioral sciences and TTI’s patented Job Benchmarking technology, we help organizations uncover the right people with the right skills for the business need that exists. Whether you outsource or in-source the selection process, we can help!

MANAGE MORE EFFECTIVELY: Meet projected revenue targets with better sales management. We build the analytic, strategic and coaching skills that drive superior results, reduce turnover, and improve active engagement of your sales staff. Investing in the development of sales managers is critical to achieving your revenue goals.

GROW MORE EFFICIENTLY: We analyze current growth strategies, uncover barriers to success and create a growth roadmap with a focus on people, process and profit to achieve the company’s business objectives; Attack quicker – Solve sooner.

Since 1998, Kellen James has been a trusted source for talent and performance consulting. Our consultants and partners provide expert solutions designed to offer maximum return with minimum risk. Want to improve revenue performance? We can help!

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